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Analysis of the Characteristics of Ecological Wood Wallboard

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With the popularization of new environmental protection materials, eco-wood wallboard has become a common material in home decoration. It has good sound insulation effect, excellent environmental protection, and is very popular. Today we will introduce the characteristics of eco-wood wallboard and analyze the reasons for its popularity.
1. With its beautiful concave-convex three-dimensional geometric decorative effect and the warm natural and harmonious affinity of wood to human beings, the series of eco-wood wallboard wall decorative panels conquer every buyer who first contacts eco-wood. There are few similar products competing with them in the market. This series is in the leading international level in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, installation and processing simplicity, waterproof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant, anti-aging and environmental protection. Most of the competitors'products are manufactured by using wood flour and adhesives (e.g. glue) through surface printing, sticking wood-grain paper and other surface treatment methods, which results in the existence of their products. The appearance is rigid, lack of wood texture, easy to fade, can not be used in wet environment and products themselves contain harmful ingredients for human body and other shortcomings. These shortcomings are not available to eco-wood, so the market competition advantage of this series of eco-wood products is quite obvious.
2. According to personal preferences, ecological wood wallboard should be installed horizontally, vertically and obliquely. Vertical installation is generally recommended, because the light entering the room from the outside of the window is horizontal, the dark side of the vertical installation will be more obvious, and the three-dimensional effect will be more prominent. Vertical installation can reduce dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning. This series of products are all designed with socket design, and the sockets of the same series and different varieties of products are all designed with universal design, that is to say, different styles of products can be installed and used with each other, providing designers with greater imagination space for personalized design. Because of the socket design, only needles are placed in the socket during installation, and then the insertion can cover the nail hole and avoid the steps of filling ash. In addition, like solid wood, it can be sawn, nailed, planed, installed and used without painting. Generally, woodworkers can install it easily and quickly. A familiar worker can install hundreds of square areas in a day.