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Garden landscape, wooden trestle, itself is a beautiful landscape
In order to prolong the service life of wood products in outdoor environment, resist the parasitism and reproduction of termites, fungi and sporophytes, and host insects, it is necessary to immerse wood in preservatives under vacuum, and make the chemicals immerse into wood tissue cells by high pressure, mix closely with its cell fibrous tissue, and the chemicals are no longer released, thus completely changing wood.
The Value and Design of Landscape
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What is the most important thing in design? If we fail to grasp the key points in designing, we will go through many very interesting projects without feeling, which is a great loss. If we can't grasp the core content and produce valuable things, we are wasting resources and wasting our lives. Therefore, it is very important for designers to recognize their values and qualities.
How should solid wood furniture be maintained?
Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of furniture appearance. Solid wood furniture is coated with paint, so it is particularly important to maintain and maintain the paint film.
Analysis of the Characteristics of Ecological Wood Wallboard
With the popularization of new environmental protection materials, eco-wood wallboard has become a common material in home decoration. It has good sound insulation effect, excellent environmental protection, and is very popular. Today we will introduce the characteristics of eco-wood wallboard and analyze the reasons for its popularity.
This small yard with wood sculpture landscape is my dream home……
If you can buy a piece of land in the countryside, build a private courtyard of your own, build an ecological wooden plastic hut, surround the walls with wooden plastic fences, climb flowers and grass, yard, covered with teak-colored outdoor wooden plastic floor, barefoot, happy walking on it; hills and rolling water in front of the courtyard, accompanied by daily work, life, dreams... Just thinking about the beauty has made me laugh!
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